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Lou's Guitar Tab

WASSUP guitar freaks

This site is for all you guitar players out there who don't wanna have to screw around with searching for tab. I'm not saying that all the tab here is spot on but i try my best to pick out the good and leave the bad. I'm 15 and started playing guitar just about a year ago and i can't get enough. The best advice I can give you is don't let internet tab influence the way you play a song, if you think something sounds better your way then go for it.

As you can see there are a few different sections to the site. The sections "Metaliica and Rage&Jimi" are totally dedicated to those bands. I especially recommend checking out the Metaliica part because since the tab is dead on and somewhere on the net you call find audio to go with them. Then there's the other shit load of tab, you'll find everything from bob seger to offspring in here.

And definetly check out the links, there's sites in there that'll give you everything you need to help you with your playing. So goodluck and happy playing.

If you wanna contact me my email is

Check here every week for the newest tab

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